About Chambers Stevens

Emmy Nominee Chambers Stevens has 10 books in print. His Hollywood 101 series is published by Sandcastle Publishing. In the last fifteen years, Chambers has toured the country, doing workshops for over 100,000 actors in forty states.

When at home, Chambers is one of Los Angeles’ top acting coaches.  Actors he has coached have appeared on Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, CBS, NBC, ABC, The Cartoon Network, plus countless films, theatre productions including Broadway shows, commercials, and video games.  Chambers is a graduate of The Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University and the founder of The Nashville Shakespeare Festival now in its twenty-fifth year.

 As a television actor, Chambers has appeared in over fifty commercials including Pepsi, Coke, and General Motors and many television shows. He has also starred in The Steve Spots, which received six Emmy’s and a George Peabody Award, Funnybones, which received an Emmy for “Outstanding Children’s Program,” and GeoScout for which he received a personal Emmy nomination as “Outstanding Actor in a Children’s Series.”

  As a theatre actor, Chambers has performed in over a 100 theatre productions (including Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Biloxi Blues, and Brighton Beach Memoirs).  He is the recipient of the Geoffrey Award for “Best Actor” for his portrayal of Drew in Eastern Standard.  He also received the prestigious Backstage Garland Award for his first one-man show Desperate for Magic.

 As a playwright, he has won both The Ingram Fellowship and the Tennessee Arts Commission Individual Artist Award.  His play Mother of Pearl is published by I.E. Clark Publishing. Desperate for Magic is published by Elderidge Publishing. Biff and Charlie is published by Samuel French. Travels With Jack Lemmon's Dog premiered at the North Star Theatre in New Orleans. And Bing Bang Boom debuted at the University of Florida and has since been performed in colleges around the country. Twain and Shaw Do Lunch received it’s world premiere at the New Theatre in Coral Gable, FL. T & S has already won numerous national awards including the Long Beach Playhouse Award for Best New Play, as well as Best Comedy from The Palm Spring International Playwriting Contest.

Currently, Chambers lives in Hollywood.  He’s married to Betsy Sullenger. Betsy is the executive producer of The Disney Channel’s show Liv and Maddie. They have a eight year old son, Twain, whose play Charlie the Spatula Dies a Tragic Death premiered last year with The Story Pirates at the Geffen Theatre.

Upcoming Shows

About The Show

"It’s Who You Know" is Chambers Stevens’ exciting new one-man show
Here’s how it works.
On stage there is a table with a large box.
Inside the box are hundreds of cards.
Each card has the name of a different actor, celebrity, musician, or writer on it.
The cards are shuffled and put back in the box.
Chambers enters.
He pulls a card and tells a true story about his run in with that performer.
Some stories are funny.
Many are touching, exciting, inspiring.

Every show is totally different.
 Chamber's  previous one-man show, Desperate for Magic, won the Backstage Garland award, with the Los Angeles Time writing "Star shines in 'Desperate for Magic' The dude is worthy! Way!!!" The paper also called him a "kinetic explosion."